Grooms Arrival

This Groom knows how to arrive in style and when Noeleen told me the Groom would be driving to the Chapel in a rally Ford Escort I could not wait to film this . Nice one Conor and Christian’s driving was not bad at all, I hope you enjoy guys!

David & Rachel's amazing Wedding.

David & Rachel's amazing wedding at The Great Hall, Queens University Belfast. I had a great time filming David & Rachel's wedding they are a lovely couple and every one enjoyed the day. Congratulations guys.


I bought a tricked out iMac!

My new 2013 iMac 27" WOW what an improvement. My old Power Mac Pro was showing extreme signs of aging with very laggy performance when editing video so I know after 5 years it was time for a new computer.

The IMacs designer Jonathan Ive really has come up with a beautiful design and it's super fast cant wait to start editing on my new computer!

New Website at last!

I have be wanting to build a new website for about 4 years now but just could not find the time......  Well I did it and I ❤ it!!!!   took a bit longer then I thought and about 100 tweaks to make sure it looked right.  Im happy with the result and I hope everyone likes it : )


Kelly & Kevin's DVD boxes

Kelly & Kevin's DVD boxes are ready to post!
The fantastic photos on the box where taken by Kelly McAllister Photography